Saturday, September 3, 2011

Well this is embarrassing...

It's been, oh... about a month since I have been in Scotland, and this is my first blog post upon arriving.
That just goes to show, vet school is as time consuming and crazy as they all say it is!
Chris and I arrived safely here in the land o' the Scots on August 6th, 2011 and hit the ground running.  Day one involved checking into our lovely dorm rooms, and setting up a bank account.  We went out that evening for a beer with a few of our new classmates and naturally it was pouring rain.  Good thing I came prepared (shout out to my lovely mother for keeping me well equipped for Scottish weather).

Everything in between that night this current Saturday evening has been a complete blur.
Allow me to summarize:
Learning the entire anatomy of the dog, inside and out. Learning about limbs and random other unique body parts in larger animals like horses and cows (a lot of stuff is the same internally, 1 point evolution). Learning how to handle the following: cows, horses, sheep, and pigs (not a fan of pig farms, but now planning on owning sheep in the near future). Learning a few random things like statistics, histology, embryology and some stuff about stem cells and the lymphatic system. 
Did I mention I have not even been here a month?

It is amazing and hard and I cannot say I am loving every minute of it, because that would be a lie.  It is extremely hard work, but I know the end result will be epic. Already looking to make some connections in the world of shelter medicine, but still contemplating doing equine work.  Plenty of time to decide.

In other news, an apartment was found! It is very cozy and European.  Pictures to follow.
Now back to "studying" and I hope I have alleviated some worry that perhaps I was dead.  To all my fans, I apologise. 

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